100% per month

Your donation will grow by 3.3% daily for a full month. Once you have a percentage of growth according to your satisfaction on your donation then you may GH (GET HELP) at any time.

Minimum $20
Maximum $2000

Minimum $20
Maximum $1000

Earnings stop growing once they reached 3 months.
SMS OTP / Email verification will be sent upon registration and when a participant PH (provides help) or GH (get help).
The turnaround time given for PH and GH is 48hrs. Failure to confirm or pay will result in your account being blocked by support. All delayed responses will also be confirmed by support so the system may run efficiently for the good of the system.
A cost of $10 will apply for your account to be unblocked.
Fake POP (proof of payment) will result in a participant being PERMANENTLY BLOCKED.
ONLY wallet is allowed for PH.
In order to GH a participant must recommit 100% of the initial GH or higher donation.
Multiple GH is not possible. Only a single GH is allowed at a time by the system.
It is a MUST that a participant must write a letter of happiness within 48 hours once a GH has been paid successfully. Failure to do this will result in a participant’s account being blocked.

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